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Aberlink - Axiom Too CNC

Key Features
The Axiom too range of affordable high-performance CNC CMMs is ideal for volume production. The high quality shop floor design features Aberlink's easy-to-use software plus the flexibility of touch probe and non-contact inspection using the optional Aberlink CMM camera

  • Aberlink's easy-to-use measurement software (now standard on many OEM systems)
  • Shortest learning curve of any similar system - 1 day without prior CMM experience
  • Smallest overall footprint of any equivalent size CMM
  • Choice of sizes ranging from 600mm to 1500mm
  • Suitable for the workshop environment
  • Anti-vibration protection from local machine tools as standard
  • Ergonomic touch sensitive 3D joystick and variable speed control
  • Comprehensive range of probing options and accessories
  • Temperature compensation option for workshop environments)
  • Optional CMM camera system option for non-contact inspection
  • Free stylus change rack with every motorised probe head upgrade
Standard Package
The Axiom too CNC is supplied as a complete turnkey package, with everything you need to start measuring parts from day-one. The Axiom too CNC can be upgraded to suit your needs, see the Probe and Software tabs.

  • Aberlink 3D measurement software for touch probe feature inspection
  • Computer system, keyboard, mouse, colour printer and flat screen monitor
  • Axiom too air bearing, aluminium and granite CMM
  • Steel CMM workbench with fixed keyboard shelf or monitor arm
  • PC mounted machine controller PCI card
  • Touch sensitive 3D joystick and variable CMM speed control
  • Axiom too CMM user guide
  • Renishaw TP8 manual indexing probe head and integrated probe
  • Aberlink probe stylus kit)
  • Aberlink Ø19mm sphere CMM requalification kit
  • User training course - up to 4 trainees
  • Aberlink 3D measurement software user guide
  • 12 months full parts and labour warranty
  • Free-of-charge telephone helpdesk support

Stylus Rack
Allows the probe stylus to be changed automatically, this can significantly reduce the inspection cycle time.



Standard Probe
Renishaw TP8 - Manual articulating probe head and probe.

Probe Upgrade
Our most popular probe upgrades are listed below. See our probe head comparison table and click the thumbnail images to see the different set-ups available.

  • Renishaw MH20i Manual indexing probe head and probe
  • Renishaw RTP20 Automated indexing probe head and probe
  • Renishaw PH10T Motorised indexing probe head
  • Renishaw TP20 Standard probe for PH10T
  • Renishaw TP200 High accuracy probe for PH10T
  • Renishaw PH10M and SP25M scanning probe
  • Renishaw PH20 inifinite indexing position probe head
  • Renishaw TP8 manual indexing probe head and integrated probe

CMM Camera
Adds the benefit of non-contact inspection, essential when measuring very small or delicate parts, and can be swapped with the touch trigger probe in seconds.

On-site training is included in all the packages we quote, This includes all the basic measurement and reporting needs you require to get started. More advanced techniques in measurement or Cad Comparison is also available tailored to your needs.