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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions to do with our products, services or website, we may have the answer to your question below. If you can't find the answer your looking for or have other questions please feel free to contact us through our contact form or by email or phone call. (Details of which can be found on our contact page)

Where are the Vision Systems, Profile Projectors and Co-ordinate Measuring machines made?

Every one of these Items are machined and assembled in the UK also the software is also written by the manufacturer giving us full control

How good are the machines?

We have very many satisfied Customers who have bought our equipment and are delighted with it , (we can provide references on request).

What are the benefits of buying your equipment?

Firstly ease of use, The software is written in an easy to understand way and reduces training time. The software is intuitive and therefore no upfront programming required Software upgrades are free for the life of the machines serviced by us Lower costs, as we deal direct there is no import costs or multi layers of sales people. We carry all the spares in the UK and have our own service people around the country. Baty and Aberlink are well known names in metrology and can offer many solutions to today’s measurement problems.

What type of industry buys our machines?

Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Plastics, Oil and Gas, Glass, Ceramic and general engineering.

Where can I see the equipment

We are at all the main trade shows but have demonstration equipment that is located around the country or that is portable enough to take to the customer’s premises.

How do I arrange to see the equipment?

In the first instance call Atkinson Gauge and Tool Ltd to discuss your requirement and the appropriate demonstration can be arranged.

On-site training is included in all the packages we quote, This includes all the basic measurement and reporting needs you require to get started. More advanced techniques in measurement or Cad Comparison is also available tailored to your needs.