Tomelleri MERCURY Measurement Arm

Tomelleri Mercury Measurement Arm

The Tomelleri Mercury arm is the result of over thirty years of experience in the manufacturing of high-end articulated arms. Further improved by new hardware and software solutions, the Mercury arm reaches a level of accuracy never seen before and is characterized by a completely new handling solution with an optimized mass counterbalance, making the arm very light in the hands and ensuring an immediate confidence.

Thanks to the innovative counterbalance, the Mercury arm has a safe home position directly in front of the operator - taking and replacing a measurement arm has never been so quick and easy.

Designed to ensure the best performance with superior handling and control, the Mercury arm and can be placed directly onto a supporting surface without the need for additional mounting.

Tomelleri Arm with Aberlink 3D
  • Model Point Repeatability Volumetric Accuracy MPEp MPEe Weight (kg)
    MERCURY 13000.010 mm0.020 mm0.008 mm0.005 + L\50 < 0.015 mm9.5
    MERCURY 18000.012 mm0.024 mm0.008 mm0.005 + L\40 < 0.018 mm10.4
    • Any value in this table is reported as Maximum Permissible Error
    • MPEp: is the Maximum Permissible Probing Error according to the ISO 10360-2 standard
    • MPEe: is the Volumetric Length Measuring Error according to the ISO 10360-2 standard
    • MERCURY Arm Dimensions
      Model a b c d e f g h
      MERCURY 1300 639mm 214mm 239mm 161mm 334mm 327mm 323mm 650mm
      MERCURY 1800 760mm 214mm 239mm 175mm 334mm 452mm 448mm 900mm
    • Power Supply: 100-240V / 50-60 Hz
    • Protection: IP 54
    • Operating Conditions: +10° – +40°; Humidity 90% without condensing
    • Conformity: CE compliant

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