Aberlink Project X Vision System

Aberlink Project X Vision System

Project X is different. It utilises a patented technology XY scale, that records not only X and Y position but also any rotational movement of the camera system. The camera is free to glide around the measurement area mounted on a simple air bearing system, without any worry about constraining the mechanics to avoid losing accuracy.

Project X finally replaces the old technology of a profile projector. It is easier to use than a profile projector. It is quicker to use than a profile projector and it will deliver reliable, consistent inspections time after time. Project X is available as either a manual machine or with full CNC control.

Making measurement easy - every Aberlink CMM is supplied with the industry standard Aberlink 3D measurement software. World renowned for its easy-to-use, yet powerful interface, Aberlink is the only leading CMM manufacturer to offer zero-cost annual software maintenance contracts or subscriptions and free software updates, including all major releases. This means cost of ownership is very low and ensuring rapid ROI.

Product Overview

  • Motion: Manual or CNC
  • Axis Travel (mm): X 400 | Y 300 | Z 125
  • 2D Accuracy: 7.5┬Ám
  • Stand Off (mm): 125
  • Field of View (mm): 10

Everything you need to start measuring from day one.

    • Aberlink's easy-to-use vision measurement software
    • Fully automated CNC, or manual, non-contact inspection for small and delicate parts
    • Small enough to be positioned on the production workbench
    • Fully programmable digital zoom, no need to change lenses
    • High speed optical scanning - up to 5000 points/second
    • Powerful edge detection tools for maximum accuracy
    • Directional overhead lights and back light provide profile and surface feature inspection
    • Measures accurately even when the feature is not in focus
    • Aberlink vision measurement software for non-contact inspection
    • Windows based controller and peripherals
    • Optional workbench
    • Aberlink 2048x1536 pixel colour camera and telecentric lens
    • Programmable back light and overhead LED ring-light
    • User training course - up to 4 trainees and software user guide
    • 12 months full parts and labour warranty
    • Free telephone helpdesk support
    • Free software upgrades - no maintenance fees or contracts

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