Alicona IF-Profiler

Alicona IF-Profiler

Roughness and Surface 3D Profiler

IF-Profiler is a handheld 3D roughness measurement system for high resolution measurement of surface finish. Users measure roughness of flat and curved components with only one system.

Measurements are performed both profile based (ISO 4287) and areal based (ISO 25178). The lightweight IF-Profiler consists of a 3D measurement sensor and a robust, at the same time handy framework. The ergonomic design combines ease of use and required mechanical rigidity. Traceable and repeatable measurements are achieved in a min. measurement time of three seconds.

Product Overview

  • Lens Mag. Working Distance Field of View
    10x 17.5mm 2mm
    20x 16mm 1mm
    50x 10.1mm 0.4mm

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