Alicona IF-SensorR25

Alicona IF-SensorR25

Non-contact 3D Metrology for Precision Machine Tools

The IF-SensorR25 is a solid optical 3D measurement instrument for automated form and roughness measurement in production. The sensor is integrated into a production line and delivers high resolution, repeatable and traceable results when measuring surface characteristics in the µm or sub-µm range. This resolution can hardly be achieved by conventional 2D solutions or tactile techniques.

The robust technology of Focus-Variation delivers high resolution results with high repeatability in research and production. Therefore the IF-SensorR25 is a platform that enables the use of the same measurement process both in-line and in the lab. Standardized interfaces (QDAS) support an easy and quick integration into production allowing comparable in-line and lab measurements.

The IF-SensorR25 is a measurement system for quality assurance in serial production. It is suitable for numerous materials including composite materials. The modular design allows arbitrary extensions of hard- and software for new and/or complex measurement tasks. This “closed loop manufacturing” production concept enables 3D measurement of components directly in the machine, enabling up to a fourfold increase in machining accuracy. In combination with a collaborative 6-axis robot, the IF-SensorR25 is used as a collaborative system – "Cobot" – for flexible quality assurance and the measurement of microstructures on large components.

Product Overview

  • Lens Mag. Working Distance Field of View
    10x 17.5mm 2mm
    20x 16mm 1mm
    50x 10.1mm 0.4mm

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