Alicona Edgemaster X

Alicona Edgemaster X

Fully Automated Optical 3D Measurement

The EdgeMasterX is a fully automated optical 3D measurement device for production integrated quality assurance of inserts, drills, mills and other round tools. Specifically, the EdgeMasterX enables automated multi-edge measurement of tools. In a single measurement run, a complete series of user defined measurements at multiple edge positions can be achieved. The system is designed to implement fully automated quality assurance into the production process. All results are traceable, repeatable, and in high vertical resolution.

The EdgeMasterX originates from the Alicona product line for automatic tool measurement and represents an enhancement over the original EdgeMaster. Both systems are designed for production integrated quality assurance and enable traceable and repeatable measurements even when vibrations, changing temperatures and ambient light are incurred. Typically, users measure edge parameters such as radii, angles, chipping, wear and roughness.

Product Overview

  • Lens Mag. Working Distance Field of View
    10x 17.5mm 2mm
    20x 16mm 1mm
    50x 10.1mm 0.4mm

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