Alicona Optical Micro CMM

Alicona Optical Micro CMM

Optical Micro-coordinate Measurement

Designed specifically with the production environment in mind the new µCMM is a robust machine offering high accuracy over the entire measurement volume.

μCMM is the most accurate purely optical micro-coordinate measuring system in its class. Users combine advantages from tactile coordinate measuring technology and optical surface measuring technology and measure the dimension, position, shape and roughness of components with only one sensor.

The optical CMM offers high geometric accuracy of several optical 3D measurements in relation to each other, enabling the measurement of small surface details on large components and precisely determining the position of these individual measurements in relation to each other.

The spectrum of measurable surfaces includes all common industrial materials and composites such as plastics, PCD, CFRP, ceramics, chrome, silicon. Materials from matte to polished can be measured as can reflective components.

µCMM is designed for easy, flexible, and expandable use by multiple operators. This is implemented by a series of options that extend the application range of the optical CMM and maximize fields of use in production measurement technology. The motorized "Real3D Rotation Unit" turns the 3-axis system into a 5-axis system and enables users to measure components from several, arbitrary perspectives. This allows contactless measurement of surface features such as flank angle, chamfer angle, thread pitch or undercuts.

Simple operation is implemented by single-button solutions, automation and ergonomic control elements such as a specially designed controller. Air-bearing axes with linear drive enable wear-free use and highly accurate, fast measurements. This makes μCMM ideal for permanent use in production.

Product Overview

  • 01 Key Features
    • Measurement of dimension, position, shape and roughness in one system
    • High accuracy over the entire measurement volume
    • Non-contact, optical measurement with Focus Variation
    • Suitable for matte to highly polished components
    • Easy handling – intuitive usability designed for multiple users
    • Wear-free, robust and suitable for production
    • Fast measurement of components
    • Solid granite construction with active temperature compensation
    • Expandable – 3-axis system turns into 5-axis system
  • Lens Mag. Working Distance Field of View
    5x 23.5mm 2.63mm
    10x 17.5mm 1.32mm
    20x 19mm 0.66mm
    50x 11mm 0.26mm
    100x 4.5mm 0.13mm

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