Hawkeye Pro Flexible Borescope

Hawkeye Pro Flexible Borescope

High Quality Articulating Borescope

The 45° field of view Hawkeye Pro Flexible Borescopes deliver a truly excellent image resolution, sharpness, detail, and contrast through an 18,000 fiber, acid-leached imaging bundle. Lower cost alternatives simply do not deliver image quality this high.

Pro Flexible Fiberscopes offer 2 or 4-way articulation allowing you to Control the direction-of-view of the tip over a 240° range (±120°), using a thumb-lever on the aluminum borescope body.

These fiberoptic Borescopes are available in diameters of 3.3, 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0mm and so can be used for inspecting everything from small holes to large cylinders. As such this inspection cope is ideally suited for the non-destructive testing for back wall impingement and many other quality control applications.

Product Overview

  • 01 Key Features
    • 4 Diameters 3.3, 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 mm
    • Directional Control and Lock
    • 90° Mirror Tip (included with 5.0 mm)
    • 90° Prism Tip (Available for 5.0 and 6.0) - an optional addition
  • Field of View Diameter Length DOV Artic.
    45° 3.3mm 0.85m ±120 2-way
    45° 4mm 0.85m ±120 2-way
    45° 5mm 0.85m ±120 2-way
    45° 6mm 0.85m ±120 2-way
    45° 6mm 0.85m ±120 4-way
    • Luxxor 35 LED Light Source
    • Hawkeye SuperNOVA LED Light Source
    • Luxxor 50 Light Source
    • Hawkeye LED Light
    • Luxxor Light Guide

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