Hawkeye Pro Hardy Borescope

Hawkeye Pro Hardy Borescope

3x Illumination of the Pro Slim

Hawkeye Pro Hardy Borescopes are rugged and bright with an Independent Focusing Ring allowing for excellent video inspection. The 6.35mm diameter of the Pro Hardy gives 3x the illumination of the Pro Slim making it ideal for deep dark spaces with a broad access hole such as diesel and aircraft cylinders, tanks, pressure vessels, pipes and even wall cavities. The Multi-coated Objective Lens allows for higher contrast and vivid colour images.

This rigid Borescope can be purchased as part of an all you could need kit, including a protective case, mirror tube, light posts and cleaning materials.

Product Overview

  • 01 Key Features
    • E2 endoGrins Optics providing sharper, more detailed images
    • Light Concentrator for even more light
    • Classic and Pro Light Concentrators
    • 90% Brighter SuperNOVA LED with longer life
    • Mirror tube offers DOV of 90 degrees and is more durable and easier to clean
    • Pro Hardy 50 degrees and DOV 0 degrees with outside diameter 6.35 mm
  • Field of View Diameter Length DOV Rotation
    50° 6.35mm 180, 305, 435, 559mm Yes
    • Luxxor 35 LED Light Source
    • Hawkeye SuperNOVA LED Light Source
    • Luxxor Light Guide
    • Luxxor 50 Light Source
    • Hawkeye LED Light
    • Luxxor UV Light Source

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