Hawkeye Pro Slim Prism Borescope

Hawkeye Pro Slim Prism Borescope

Prism Tipped Borescope with Fixed 30° DoV

The forward oblique, 30° direction-of-view (DoV) of Hawkeye Pro Slim Prism Borescopes deliver greater depth perception than either 0° or 90° DOV scopes. Additionally, the wide 70° field-of-view gives the viewer a much broader and more versatile view of the subject.

The prism optics in Hawkeye borescopes represent our very latest optical design: great image quality at hundreds less than comparable scopes! With an Independent Focusing Ring this endoscope is superbly adapted for video inspection.

Product Overview

  • 01 Key Features
    • 90% Brighter SuperNOVA LED with longer life
    • 30° Prism Optics
    • FOV 70° and DOV 30° with an outside diameter of 4.2 mm
  • Field of View Diameter Length DOV Rotation
    70° 4.20mm 180, 305, 435mm 30° Yes
    • Hawkeye SuperNOVA LED Light Source
    • Luxxor Light Guide
    • Luxxor 50 Light Source
    • Hawkeye LED Light
    • Luxxor UV Light Source
    • Luxxor 35 LED Light Source

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