Starrett AV350+

Starrett AV350+

Video Measuring System

The AV350+ Vision System from Starrett offers all the attributes and perfomance of the AV300 but with an expanded X-Y-Z measuring range of 350x350x200mm for larger part and payload measurement requirements.

Versatile and accurate with a variety of options, this non-contact video measuring machine will provide a solution to many measurement applications.

Product Overview

  • 01 Key Features
    • X-Y-Z measuring range 350x350x200mm
    • X-Y accuracy in um: E2=2.5+5L/1000
    • Z accuracy in um: E1=205+5L/1000
    • Multi sensor compatible as standard
    • Zoom optics 12.0:1
    • S Colour video camera as standard
    • Optics on QC-5300 control system/software
    • Dark field quadrant illumination
    • Micrscope optics
    • Rotary table compatible
    • Renishaw touch probe
    • Optimet laser
    • Part fixturing

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