Starrett LF

Starrett LF

CNC Vision System

The LF Series Vision Systems from Starrett are the most advanced CNC vision systems we offer, in terms of both speed and accuracy. The LF outperforms the AV300 technically and also features the option of an expanded X-Y-Z measuring range up to 1270 x 915 x 200 mm

Versatile, accurate and incredibly fast, this system will provide consistently accurate and reliable measurements.

Designed for large parts and CNC operation this CNC vision system is ideal for quality assurance, inspection labs, manufacturing, assembly and research facilities.

Product Overview

  • 01 Key Features
    • X-Y-Z measuring range from 300 x 300 x 200 mm to 1270 x 915 x200
    • X-Y-Z resolution of 0.1μm
    • X-Y-Z accuracy of 1.5 μm + 5L/1000
    • Air bearings and linear motors for X and Y axes
    • 1/3" CCD color video camera
    • 12.0:1 Navitar zoom optics
    • Metronics QC5300 CNC 3D multi-sensor metrology software
    • Reinshaw touch probes
    • Touch probe changing rack
    • Optimet laser probe
    • 100mm CNC rotary stage
    • LED dark-field quadrant illumination
    • Parts holding fixtures

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