CamB Magnifier

CamB Magnifier

Handheld Digital Magnifier

CamB is an amazing handheld digital magnifier, providing ultimate convenience for a wide range of imaging tasks. With CamB, you can magnify, inspect and capture images all at the touch of a button.

Suitable for all production environments, CamB provides high resolution magnification and documentation, where you want, when you want, ideal for inspecting immobile subjects.

There are image freeze, image save and recall options. You can easily switch between image and live camera modes to easily compare specifications and identify product faults in situ.

The CamB is provided with a flip out leg located around the lens on the underside. Simply flip it out fully to help maintain the ideal distance from the item you are viewing. Click it back in place when not in use.

Unlike a digital camera, CamB’s dual LED illumination is optimised for magnified imaging, so you can always see the subject with no glare, no reflection.

To facilitate viewing objects where reflections may be an issue, the lighting can be cycled through three settings. The brightness of the LED’s can also be adjusted to optimise viewing.

Product Overview

  • 01 Key Features
    • Highly flexible & portable
    • Magnification up to 20x
    • Fast and accurate image capture
    • 4.3” colour display with dimension grid
    • Virtual caliper display with movable filar lines
    • Live view via mini-HDMI output
    • Can be used for all sorts of roving inspection tasks
    • Controllable LED Illumination optimised for magnified imaging
    • Store up to 20,0000 images

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