Hawk 200 Measuring Microscope

Hawk 200 High Accuracy Measuring Microscope

Accurate Toolmakers Microscope

The Hawk 200 Toolmakers microscope is both accurate and versatile with an excellent, high resolution, eyepiece-less optical display and a huge range of options. This metrology instrument with QC-200 microprocessor utilises Vision Engineering's patented Dynascope optical image projection technology to simplify the measurement of complex manufactured component parts. Hawk 200 is even effective in the measurement of deep bores and more challenging reflective or dark contrast samples.

This non-contact measuring instrument is ideally suited for the lab or shop floor and with opportunites for upgrade and advance, this toolmakers microscope is perfect for the automotive, aerospace and medical industries.

Product Overview

  • 01 Key Features
    • High repeatable accuracy, fully geometric 3-axis (X, Y, Z) measurements
    • Patented optical image clearly defines edges, offering superb resolution and contrast
    • Powerful and intuitive PC-based software with advanced data handling capabilities
    • High precision and large capacity measuring stage options
    • Image capture and archive option
    • Modular and flexible system for future upgrade
  • Lens Mag. Measuring Range Max. Comp Weight Resolution Stage Drive
    x10-x1000 150x150mm (XY) 15kg 0.001mm Manual or motorised
    x10-x1000 200x150mm (XY) 20kg 0.0005mm Manual or motorised
    x10-x1000 300x225mm (XY) 25kg 0.001mm Manual or motorised
    x10-x1000 400x300mm 25kg 0.001mm Manual or motorised

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