Swift Pro Elite

Swift PRO Elite Optical Measuring Microscope

High Accuracy Optical Measuring Microscope

High accuracy optical measuring microscope, designed to transform your measurement and inspection capabilities. Small intricate parts, even difficult-to-view samples such as transparent plastics can be viewed in microscope-resolution detail through Swift PRO Elite's patented optical viewing head.

Rugged in construction, Swift PRO Elite is ideally suited for shop-floor production use, providing simple and accurate measurement of precision parts and is the perfect starting point to upgrade your measurement and inspection capabilities and improve your quality control routines.

Product Overview

  • 01 Key Features
    • Ideal for measuring small features on intricate parts
    • 3-axis variant with Z-axis for height measurement
    • Dynascope techonology clearly defines edges, offering superb resolution and contrast
    • Up to 200mm x 100mm measuring range
    • Choice of rugged microprocessor, or intuitive PC software
    • Ideal upgrade from a toolmakers microscope or profile projector

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