Werth TomoScope® XS

Industrial Computed Tomography

Designed to meet the strict quality requirements of demanding industries such as automotive, medical, aerospace and electronics, the Werth TomoScope XS is a Coordinate measuring machine for three-dimensional measurement utilising the unique method of computed tomography.

Werth Tomoscope XS

Product Overview

  • 01 Key Features
    • Fast measurement with high resolution via the next generation transmission tube
    • Reduce measurement time by 90% with OnTheFly Technology
    • Low operating costs as a result of the new monoblock design
    • Extremely precise air bearing rotary axis for low measurement uncertainty
    • Low space requirement thanks to compact design
    • Low weight allows for installation almost anywhere
    • Standard-compliant calibration for reliable and traceable measurement results, optionally with DAkkS certificate
    • Versatile fields of application such as plastic, metal and multi-material components
    • Software for 3D real-time reconstruction of workpiece geometries during tomography
    • X-ray source - up to 160 kV
    • 130/160 kV Micro Focus X-ray Sources with up to 80W Target Power
    • Measuring Range - In the Image : From L =49 mm - Ø =55 mm
    • Measuring Range - In the Image : To L =97 mm - Ø =120 mm
    • Max. Distance X-ray Source Detector: FDD =500 mm
    • Foot Print - Depth: 583 mm, Width: 1300 mm, Height: 1370 mm
    • Machine Weight: 800kg
    • Maximum Permissible Error MPE (4.5+L/75)µm
    • Application and Material Dependent

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