Werth VideoCheck S

Multisensor Coordinate Measuring Machine

The Werth VideoCheck S is a multisensor coordinate measuring machine with X-Y stage construction and an image processing sensor for automatic measurement. The modular construction of the system guarantees customized solutions for individual measuring tasks. This coupled with the constant-tension guideway system and fast CNC continuous path control means the VideoCheck S has a highly accurate measuring stage.

Increased measuring stage accuracy is possible with variable CNC illumination and the patented Werth zoom optics (0.5x–5x for final magnification 16x–160x) resp. interchangeable telecentric optics (1x–100x for final magnification 34–3400x).

The VideoCheck S is ideal for both laboratory and production environments, with options to add additional sensors to create a multisensor system guaranteeing higher flexibility and measuring speed.

Werth VideoCheck S

Product Overview

  • 01 Key Features
    • Ideal for small measurement ranges that require high accuracy
    • The Werth constant-stress guideway principle of the X-Y stage ensures high precision and long-term stability
    • VideoCheck® S machines use the Werth image processing sensor with telecentric WerthZoom® and Werth MultiRing®
    • Integration of additional sensors and beampath to a multisensory system guarantees higher flexibility and measurement speed
    • Machine can be equipped with a wide selection of additional optical and tactile sensors, including the Werth Fibre Probe
    • Measuring Range : X from 250 mm to 400 mm, Y from 125 mm to 200 mm , Z 200 mm
    • MPE (Maximum permissible length measurement error) : down to 1.1µm
    • Foot Print : Depth 1000 mm, Width: 1600 mm, Height: 1900 mm

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