Starrett HDV300

Starrett HDV300/HDV400 Optical Comparator

Horizontal Profile Projector & Vision Metrology System

The HDV300 and HDV400 combine the best features of a horizontal optical comparator/profile projector and a vision metrology system. With a rigid steel design the HDV is configured like a traditional profile projector but with a uniquely mounted 5-megapixel digital video camera at it's heart and can be used for your manufacturing and quality control needs, such as the examination of CNC machined parts to die extruded plastics.

The model determines the stage size, and both come with a choice of seven interchangeable telecentric lenses for ultra-low optical distortion field of view measurements. The system can also perform as a manual horizontal vision system for part measurement utilizing a 6.5:1 zoom lens.

Using the MetLogix M3 software, DXF CAD files can be imported for direct comparison to the part video image.

Product Overview

  • 01 Key Features
    • Stage travel 300x150mm HDV300
    • 400x150mm HDV400
    • Workstage 540x130mm
    • Max load capacity 50kg
    • Focus travel 51mm
    • 0.5um X and Y resolution with Heidenhain glass scales
    • 5 megapixel black and white camera
    • Parts displayed on 24" touch screen colour monitor
    • Choice of 7 telecentric lenses for fields of view from 2.36"x1.77" to 0.09"x0.047"
    • 6.5:1 zoom optics
    • 23" or 32" high cabinets
    • Precision centres and vees
    • Rotary vee blocks
    • Vertical glass plate holders
    • Fixed and rotary vices
    • Interchangeable lenses

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