Starrett HE400

Starrett HE400 Profile Projector

Entry Level Horizontal Profile Projector

The HE400 horizontal profile projector comprises of a sturdy, metal construction, with LED surface and profile illumination and is fitted with industry leading Quadra-Check or Metlogix digital readout systems as standard.

Competitively priced and built to the same high mechanical standards as the rest of the Starrett range of profile projectors for superb all round capacity and performance. Starrett HE400 horizontal shadowgraph is the perfect addition to your metrology equipment for precision engineering and quality control processes.

Product Overview

  • 01 Key Features
    • Fully usable 400mm diameter screen with precision cross lines, overlay clips and integral hood
    • Large measuring travel: 254 X-axis x 100mm Y-axis
    • High precision workstage with 480 x 120mm top plate with machined slot for easy fixturing
    • 25kg stage weight capacity
    • Lenses available from 10x - 100x
    • Lamphouse mounted helix adjustment for accurate threadform inspection
  • Lens Mag. Working Distance Field of View Max. Comp Weight Diameter
    x10 80mm 40mm 25kg 400mm
    x20 82mm 20mm 25kg 400mm
    x25 70mm 16mm 25kg 400mm
    x50 53mm 8mm 25kg 400mm
    x100 43mm 4mm 25kg 400mm
    • Available with the full range of Quadra-Chek or Metlogix M2 readout systems
    • Precision Centres and Vees
    • Vertical Glass Plate Holder
    • Magnification Check Graticule
    • 32mm Capacity Rotary or Fixed Vice
    • Universal Rotary Vee Block
    • Projector Support Cabinet

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