LITEsurf Portable Roughness Tester
LITEsurf Portable Roughness Tester

The LITEsurf roughness tester (code 1.110) is supplied inside a robust and elegant suitcase that contains the instrument, the calibration specimen, the power supply and USB cable, the Ø8mm pin for fixing it onto the stand, the USB pen with the calibration certificate, the instruction manual and the basic version of the Roughness Studio App.

LITEsurf Roughness Tester

Portable Roughness Tester

The dimensions of the LITEsurf roughness tester are the most compact of all competitors; you will hardly find a smaller roughness tester, completely integrated, than this. The compact dimensions guarantee mobility and absolute ease of use, even in the toughest measuring conditions.

Do you need to generate customized reports with company logo, description, notes and even a photo of the measured particular, and then saving them to a standard format like Pdf or Excel for easy sharing? Many offer additional payed software, maybe not so flexible; the LITEsurf can connect to an external device like your smartphone or tablet with the free Roughness Studio App installed, and can do all of this with simplicity.

What if we said that your future roughness tester is accidental fall-proof? Many would look at us perplexed! The LITEsurf thanks to a light alloy machined from solid, combined with a body in PC/ABS that guarantee high stiffness and high resistance to impacts. This instrument is not afraid of bumps and falls, so it is suited to production places and withstands the accidents of use.

Product Overview

  • Measuring range X 17.5mm
    Measuring range Y 250 µm (+50µm -200 µm)
    Resolution 1nm
    Filter Gauss
    Number of cut-off 1-2-3-4-5
    Length of cut-off 0.25 - 0.8 - 2.5mm
    Speed 0.5 - 1mm/s
    λs λc/λs: 30-100-300 (according to standard ISO 3274)
    Travel length with MOTIF 1.5 – 2.5 – 4 – 8 – 12 – 16mm
    Calibration Ra (ISO, single) – R (MOTIF, single)
    Saving About 18000 parameters only (0,8x5), about 30 with profile (0,8x5)
    Autonomy 800 measures 0,8x5
    Weight 200 g
    Dimensions 160 x 34 x 33.5 mm
    Parameters ISO 4287: Ra, Rq, Rt, Rz, Rc, Rmax, RSm, RPc
    ISO 12085: Pt, R, AR, Rx, Ppc
    Interface OLED display Monochromatic 128x64
    Probe Optical rotatable 90° for lateral measurements
    Diamond 90° - 2μm
    Precision class 1° according to ISO 3274
    • 50mm Extension
    • 100mm Extension
    • Portable Printer
    • App Roughness Studio Premium
    • STI Stand

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